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"We have some sad news to share with you. On Saturday March 28th evening, Syed (OPANA President) and Ferhana Haider’s 13 year old son Shariq Laith was found unresponsive at home. Life saving efforts by Ferhana, Syed, the paramedics and ER Staff were not successful and Shariq passed away. He was laid to rest on Monday March 30th in Atlanta. 


The family remain in shock and we ask that all respect the Haider’s privacy in this matter. If and when there is more information they may pass it along. However, please feel free to text or email Syed but do not feel bad if he does not reply to you right away. We are sure he will do so when the time is right for him. 


Please keep Syed, Ferhana and little sister Zayla in your thoughts as they go through this shocking and difficult time. May Shariq Laith Haider’s soul Rest In Peace.

Our Patron, Rector David Gibbs (SPS 1964 – 1972) celebrated his 93rd Birthday!!

Our Patron, Rector David Gibbs (SPS 1964 – 1972) celebrated his 93rd Birthday with Sallly and his family in Dublin on July 9th. Cindy reports that they had many messages and good wishes from Paulites in India and elsewhere, which always gives him great pleasure and triggers fond memories of their happy time in St Paul’s and Darjeeling. Cindy has sent two photos which record the happy occasion.

The Old Paulite Association (Europe) extends our greetings and warmest best wishes to David and Sally.

Anyone for Sri Lanka in 2018??

Chris Tobin (OP living in Australia) is organising a reunion in Sri Lanka of the Class of 1963 in January 2018 and says he would be delighted should any OP wish to join in as well. The proposed itinerary which Chris has sent is as below.

Some sad news (from Joe Hammond)...


Next dates pending...

From Jaswant Sokey...

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A great idea from Jaswant Sokey on bringing talented old Paulites together. You can download/print from the word document, or view directly below, though formatting changes can occur. The original notice provides a summary of sorts.

A message from our Thailand Paulites...

...And others!!

Paul Whittle, Vice Chairman and Public Relations Officer, The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Society (DHRS) writes:


Dear Joe,

Just following up on Janine’s note and to say how much we’d look forward to developing links with the Old Paulites. I visited the school just a few years ago and remember both the stunning views and the very elegant chapel.

I live near Woking so a trip up to London is no problem. If you’d like me to come along either before or following one of your committee meetings that would be a good chance to meet up, and perhaps give you and your colleagues a brief about the Society and the current state of the DHR.

Best regards,

Paul Whittle