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Souvenir updates from Jaswant Sokey

Dear Paulites Based in UK, USA, EUROPE & FAR EAST ASIA,


We present to you a preview of the “PAULITE FOREVER SOUVENIR”.


This Souvenir is to be an important chronicle of all subjects surrounding the soon to be held Event  Paulite Forever at School.


Just by way of an example I attach here five pages of the souvenir, to give you all an idea as to how it is shaping up. Each of these pages represent the following subjects:-

(1)  The Cover of the Souvenir.

(2)  A write up about an ‘eminent Paulite’ (there are several among us and the final version will have articles on many of them).

(3)  An article contributed by a Paulite. (There are written contributions by Paulites from 1938 to 2007 in the final souvenir).

(4)  Two full page advertisement.(just an example of one of the many)

(5)  A half page advertisement. (just an example of some other half page adverts)

 It is proposed that the names and contact details of all Paulites who register on the Paulite  website, will be indexed here also

The decision to include some of the photographs of the activities of the actual event is still under consideration by the Committee.

We will seek the help of the worldwide fraternity of Paulites to distribute these. In the event that the printing costs go up abnormally, this souvenir may be offered later at a price to those Paulites who would be willing to purchase the same.


THEREFORE IF YOU WOULD ALSO LIKE TO INSERT YOUR ADVERTISEMENT MATERIAL IN THIS SOUVENIR, NOW WOULD BE A GOOD TIME TO DO THIS. This appeal would not apply to those of you who have already very kindly patronised us with and advert. insertion.


Do write in with your feedback. 



Best wishes to you all,


Jaswant Ch. Sokey,

(Convenor – Paulite; PFCC)

Guwahati, +919954749123

Updates on the PF weekend

Bank details related to event... (Incl. update from Souri Misra)

An update from Jaswant Sokey with a preamble by Ken Pearce

List of Darjeeling hotels for PF 2014

Minutes of PF meeting, December 2013

Agenda for PF meeting

Greetings Dear Paulites,


The following is the agenda for the "Paulite Forever" meet scheduled to be held at Kolkata on the 21st of this month. Please note that THIS WILL BE A CLOSED DOOR MEETING TO BE ATTENDED ONLY BY THOSE WHOSE NAMES WILL BE ON THE LIST OF ATTENDEES. You are requested to directly contact the undersigned WITHIN NEXT FIVE DAYS if you want to attend this meeting also.


Kindly read the write up carefully, as the meeting will be conducted in the prescribed manner described therein. 



THE VENUE:“GHARANA” (ground Floor),Oberoi Grand, Kolkata

TIME & Date:     11.00 am Sharp on 21st December 2013.


(A)    To decide upon the entertainment content for the final event to be held at St.Paul’s School, Darjeeling, between 30th October 2014 to 1st November 2014.

(B)    To decide upon the points circulated earlier, about creating a sort of corpus fund for, (a) a Paulite Forever website; and, (b) to cover part of the travelling costs of core team members for attending at least two more meets in the build-up to the final show in 2014.


(1)    To take a vote on the following points that was circulated earlier to all Paulites on the email loop. These were the suggestions made by various Paulites to the core team through the years 2012 and 2013. The attending Paulites will be asked to raise their hands for and against the following subjects.

a.      The subject of a Chief guest of honour at the Final Event.

                                                    i.     The majority of the feedback received from Paulites over email was not in favour of having a Chief guest/guest of honour, especially not from Bollywood. But it must be noted by all here that the presence of a famous personality could, (a) benefit us by helping to attract non Paulite based sponsorships that would not only contribute to the cost of the event, but may help to generate some surplus funds that can be utilized for development works at school, (b) it could also benefit the image of our school favourably, if the person possesses such a status globally.

                                                   ii.     There were a few suggestions for having a ‘Paulite’ guest of honour, but some points were also raised about the controversial nature of this subject.

At the meeting a vote will be taken by a raising of hands, of (a) all in Favour and, (b) all not in favour of the above. The outcome will be the final choice for the core team to go along with.

b.      Fixture of sporting activities, between past students and the school (Day time activity).

                                                    i.     The majority of Paulites are unanimous that there should be some sporting activities held during the event. The two most popular suggestions were for a game of cricket and a round of football to be played between the teams of the past students and the school team. Since we will have to entertain a targeted 400 past students with families, during the final event, it was suggested that we organise other sporting activities in addition to cricket and football, as well. The other suggested sports were tennis, and basketball. Organising these games would involve, creating appropriate sports gear for the participants, and also appropriate awards for the winning team and also certificates of commendation for the individual players in the team. Feedback has it that quite a few past students still actively play tennis, and as such mustering up a Paulite team to take on the school team, may not be too much of a problem. The question is on Basketball?

At the meeting a vote will be taken by a raising of hands, of (a) all in Favour and, (b) all not in favour of (i) Only cricket and football, (ii) cricket, Football, basketball and tennis. The outcome will be the final choice for the core team to go along with.


c.      The school has also offered to host certain activities during this Event:  These should go down well with those Paulites who had requested for a high content of Nostalgia at the Event. The following are what the Reverend  Joy Halder had offered during an earlier exchange between him and a few core team members:-

                                                    i.     A Special Chapel Service for past students.

                                                   ii.     A Special school concert as entertainment for the past students.

                                                  iii.     A choir or instrumental based musical event.

                                                  iv.     An Arts and craft exhibition. There is a possibility here of having some Paulites, who have pursued their artistic talents beyond school to also avail the opportunity to display their latest creations.

At the meeting a vote will be taken by a raising of hands, of (a) all in Favour and, (b) all not in favour of (i) All of the above, (ii) only one or two of the above. The outcome will be the final choice for the core team to go along with.

d.      Invitation to past school teachers to attend the Event and have some form of felicitation for them: The feedback received from Paulites on this subject has been split between those who favour this and those who do not favour it. The ones not in favour have expressed the feeling that this could give rise to a conflict of interests and a possible generation of ill feelings among Paulites concerning the selection of the past teachers to be invited. A simple solution would be to let the responsibility of inviting their favourite teacher rest with individual batches of past students, with the clear understanding that they would have to bear all related expenses involved in having their favourite teacher come to this event and be felicitated.

At the meeting a vote will be taken by a raising of hands, of (a) all in Favour and, (b) all not in favour of (i) inviting past teachers/staff to the event in the above prescribed manner. The outcome will be the final choice for the core team to go along with.

e.      A venue for interaction among Paulites from different professional backgrounds titled as “ties that bind”:-Suggestions have been coming in about also utilizing the event as a venue for facilitating Paulites to interact among each other professionally. We have mong us specialized professionals in the line of Medicine and medical care, professional Lawyers, photographers, fashion designers etc., and it was felt that it would be ideal if we could utilize this opportunity to (a) provide a vision to the present school students about potential career avenues in future, and, (b) to provide Paulites with the opportunity of sourcing our real life requirements from within the fraternity.

At the meeting a vote will be taken by a raising of hands, of (a) all in Favour and, (b) all not in favour of having a separate venue within the school that would facilitate the above for willing Paulites on a one to one basis. The timing of such sessions will be worked out by the core team. The outcome will be the final choice for the core team to go along with.

f.       The grand Finale, or, the final stage show on the top field: Originally this stage based finale was supposed to be the show case for musically Talented Paulites to perform for the benefit of the gathering of Paulites, but with the progress of time, it was felt that this finale could also be utilized for the giving away of prizes to the winners of the various sporting or non- sporting events, or for the giving away of awards of recognition. It could also be utilized to display products of Paulites in the Fashion design line. The stage could also be utilized for a display of a performance by the current students of the school.Suggestions were also made about having the Paulite based and school based performances interspersed with performances by a professional entertainment group/troop. This on stage sequence of performances, would be followed by a grand Fireworks display for the audience.

At the meeting a vote will be taken by a raising of hands, of (a) all in Favour and, (b) all not in favour of having The stage show as the final concluding/closing ceremony of the Event Paulite Forever. The outcome will be the final choice for the core team to go along with.

g.      Involvement of the media to cover both , (a) the happenings during the event, and, (b) the advertisement/publicity  preceding this event: There are three main arguments in favour of utilising the media for the Event Paulite Forever. They are:-

                                                    i.     Helping the core team to secure funds for this event from non Paulite based sources.

                                                   ii.     Unfortunately, a large number of Paulites, still remain outside the loop of information concerning the Event or are only vaguely aware about it, some even appear to be mis-informed. Since the core principal behind this Event has been a “for Paulites & by Paulites” show, we need much more than the old school boy’s network to reach out to a larger audience of Paulites.

                                                  iii.     The School could also benefit from some favourable publicity in terms of student enrolment in future through the media.

At the meeting a vote will be taken by a raising of hands, of (a) all in Favour and, (b) all not in favour of having the media involved at our event. The outcome will be the final choice for the core team to go along with.


(2)    Time is very short, and we need to get two vital ingredients about this event into place soonest. They are:-

a.      Raise some funds from among ourselves (core team and non- core team well-wishers) for setting up a website for the Event Paulite Forever.This website would be utilized mainly for the purpose of enabling the on-line registering of individual Paulites for the final Event. The website, would also be loaded with information about the event that any Paulite may seek. It would also help in generating of a database of Paulites spread worldwide, as all those who log on to register will have to fill in some details of their background pertaining to both their school days as well as some current information. This website, could thereafter be utilised by all Paulites to link up with some of their long lost school day friends also. As a pre event function, it would also help to update individual Paulites about which of their batch mates have registered for the final event.

b.      Raise some funds from among ourselves (core team and non- core team well-wishers) for the purpose of helping to meet up the costs (if not full at least partly) of core team members meeting up on at least two more occasions in the build up towards the final event. While a majority of the activities concerning the organising of the final event at school can be exchanged over email, among the core team members, and the decisions can also be exchanged likewise, there may be occasion where it would be more appropriate for core team members to sit down at a common venue to transact some decisions that merit such a meet. We need to raise and set aside some sort of a corpus, to help cover at least some part of the cost involved for core team members to attend such a meet.

All core team members, and the final attendees to the Kolkata meet, are requested to come prepared with suggestions or a plan of action with regards to the above two points.

** * * * *  * * * * *

The following are the names of the Paulites who have confirmed their attendance at the  “PF” meet at Kolkata to be held on the 21st of December 2013.

1)      Ratan Singh Narula (1962)  From Thailand.

2)      Ashok Rachanivarakonkun (1960) from Thailand.

3)      A.N.Roy (1965) from Kolkata.

4)      Souri Mishra(1971)fromMumbai.

5)      Asif T. Khanbhai (1974)from Bhavnagar, Gujarat.

6)      Gurvesh Singh (1991) from Nepal.

7)      SaswatBajracharya (2006) from Nepal.

8)      EhsanulHaq (2007) from Bangadesh.

9)      Mohan Bhuyan (1988) from Delhi.

10)   SiddarthChattopadya (1978) from Chandigarh.

11)   JitendraPradhan (1987) from Darjeeling.

12)   NavrajTiwari (2006) from Sikkim.

13)   ShankardevChowdhury (1984) from Guwahati

14)   JoonChangKakoty (1988) from Guwahati

15)   Jaswant Ch. Sokey (1977) from Guwahati.

16)   Harish Himatsingka (1973) from Kolkata.

17)   VinodAgarwal (1975) from Kolkata.

18)   Sanjay Saraf (1984) from Kolkata.

19)   Tridib Das (2006) from Kolkata.

20)   Debojyoti Das (2010) from Asansol.



* * * * *  

With Best wishes,




Jaswant Ch. Sokey (Clive 1977)