SPS updates, projects

Here you will find a selection of ongoing projects at SPS (2009-current); photos of recent updates have been added.

The Westcott Hall bogs, a lot better looking than they were in our days!!

We await news of projects being undertaken or considered at SPS and will update as and when necessary.



1. Our thoughts for the future 

  • Project support
  • Project development and coordination
  • Green concepts

 2. Building planning

  • Maintenance of buildings
  • New constructions
  • Redevelopment and change of use planning
  • Remedial maintenance and preservation of historical monuments
  • Garden and landscape planning

And out in front...

Let there be light...

Renovation of part of the Centenary Hall roof.

Updates due...

Other project updates:

Musical curriculum...


  • updates due.



New computer lab (Primary wing)


  • updates due 

Future projects...


  • updates due 

Primary wing updates