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 Whilst this reflects the activities, reflections and opinions of Europe-based Old Paulites, we look forward to this being a meeting point of all Paulites, new and old, and to being a forum for exchange of memories and ideas.




We have news and pictures from Thailand, Delhi and Kolkata and recently Mumbai- keep sending it in!






The OPA (Europe) Newsletter will be updated after the passage of our beloved late ed. @KenPearce - please view for interesting articles and bits of SPS history.

Where are we heading?? The late Ken Pearce wrote on "The Way Forward"...

Read the minutes on the meeting on "The Way Forward" held during the Paulite Forever event here.


"DARING TO BE DIFFERENT" a thought-provoking view of the future from the late Ken Pearce...

Daring To Be Different


The Old Paulite Association (Europe) feels a clear vision of what St Paul's should be in 10 – 15 years is needed. The world of education in India has changed dramatically and if SPS is to be recognised as an important player it must differentiate itself from the rest. The discussion document 'Daring To Be Different' presents the thinking of the Old Paulite Association (Europe) formulated after over 4 years.


The paper was referred to recently in 'The Way Forward' session hosted at the school during the 'Paulite Forever' celebrations in October 2014. In the opinion of the committee of the OPA(E) it addresses all the major factors which influence schools like St Paul's.


The complete document has been sent to all those who attended that discussion, including the Revs Halder and Howard. Copies were also sent to the several Old Paulite Associations and to the Bishop of Calcutta, chairman of the board of governors.


It is presented here as an essential consideration for future discussion.


Ken Pearce

Past President OPA(E)

Our objectives


  1. To foster an attachment for St Paul’s School, Darjeeling and in so doing aim to contribute towards Indo-British cultural development.
  2. To foster bonds of union and friendship amongst members of the Association and those eligible for membership, in the UK, Europe, India, and worldwide.
  3. To promote co-operation and awareness of the existence of The Association in the UK and elsewhere, the Old Paulite Association in Kolkata, and the students in the school.



What we offer


In pursuance of these objectives the OPA(E) shall try to:           


  1. Encourage students of the school who may wish to pursue their studies or careers in the United Kingdom to contact the Association for possible advice and help, as necessary.
  2. Maintain close and cordial contact with The Old Paulite Association in Kolkata, encouraging members of the Association visiting India to contact the Kolkata Association to participate in their activities as appropriate.
  3. Organise suitable social, cultural, fund raising, or recreational activities for the enjoyment of members in the United Kingdom.


Who we are


The OPA (E) Committee:


David Gibbs Patron
Gerry Elloy President
John Martin Vice-President
Arshak Sarkissian Vice-President

David Medland

Hon. Secretary
BP Bhattacharya Hon. Treasurer
Arup Kar Committee Member
Yusuf Siddiqui Committee Member
Zarir Cama Committee Member
Naresh Kulisra Committee Member
Arindam Chaudhuri Committee Member

Rajiv Jaiswal

Monir Hussain

Committee Member

Committee Member

Aditya Bihani Committee Member


Our team

How we work


The OPA(E) committee meet regularly, supported generously by BP Bhattacharya. OPA (E) members regularly visit Darjeeling and keep abreast of events, and have recently been working on strengthening links with Old Paulite associations in other countries.

School affairs


£30 PER ANNUM; renewable April 1st.


The membership renewal form can be downloaded from the link below.


Renewal-Reg Form 2019.docx
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