Some useful links to other associations, fellow Paulites and things you didn't perhaps know about...'s_School,_Darjeeling


Lots of interesting trivia and links.


The school homepage. 


OF course, SPS is on facebook!


Updates from Kolkata...


A brighter future for disadvantaged children provided by this group who now have close links with us...


Joe Hammond was scrolling through the Darjeeling Times website today and came across a piece The 'Faces in Our Midst'  Fr. Dr. Gerard Van Wallengham It is a very interesting article indeed, given your friendship with him Ken and his links (via St Joseph's) with SPS.


Fantastic link to archive of ancient images, sent by Rana Dasgupta (Hs '84).  


Is SPS missing out??


What's happening elsewhere? Missed opportunities? Sent by Andrew Raschid.


Link to Sid Chaliha's site, the successor to Zubin Medora's original ground-breaking forum for Old Paulites.


The Darjeeling Himalayan Raiway Society, another group of well wishers have been in touch, please check out their website!