A periodic introduction to the committee members, allowing a snapshot of some of the OPA (E), and perhaps a glimpse of SPS over the years...

David Medland (1956-64) says:


I was in Betten House as a Junior, and later in Havelock.


Memorable events from those days include:


  •  Playing the organ in chapel for weekday daily services (morning & evening) and, from 1963, at Sunday services.
  • Composing an anthem called “In Gratitude” dedicated to the Rector, L J Goddard, which was sung as a solo at the end of his retirement service in 1964.
  • Composing chants for canticles (Magnificat & Nunc dimittis) sung by the school choir.
  • Trekking in the Himalayas (to Sandakphu & Phalut) and visiting the Mahanadi Game Sanctuary)
  • Acting in the school plays produced by James Clarke.


I joined a firm of Chartered Accountants in London as an Articled Clerk in October 1965 and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1971. I was admitted to the partnership in 1979 at the age of 32 and remained with the firm for 45 years, latterly as a senior partner, until my retirement in June 2010. In my last year with the firm prior to retirement, I was asked to return to India to assist the international member firm in India to develop their forensic and litigation support practice, based in Gurgaon.


Amit Singhania (1986) says:


I was in Betten House as a junior, and a bit geeky!!


Memorable events include marathon training, dorm inspections, exeats, PD, GHD (particularly the lavish dinner before and pillow fight on the quad at night!).


Currently, I am a Corporate Credit Risk Approver. I'm a keen player of racquet games and chess (still learning the ropes of golf) and am an avid traveller (leisure).

Words from the late Joe Hammond (1948-60):


I lived at St Paul’s with my parents, so St Paul’s was both school and home for 12 years. School friends (particularly the 1960 batch), staff and SPS life remain vivid in my memory. My father Gerry Hammond was house master of Lawrence and mother Edith was matron of Cotton Hall. i was a prefect and won Science and General Knowledge prizes.


After SPS, I was awarded a Degree in Aeronautics & Astronautics and PhD from Southampton University and was Lecturer in Mathematics, Portsmouth Polytechnic, and was later Lecturer and Professor at Southampton University.  I was Director of the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research, later Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Science and Mathematics, retiring as Emeritus Professor 2007.


I left Darjeeling and St Paul’s in 1960 and didn’t return until 2007, and again in 2012. It is a pleasure to be able to interact through the OPA(E) with so many Paulites all over the world.