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OPA (E) Annual Dinner 2015

OPA (E) photos


The Olympic year brought a few Old Paulites from Kolkata to the UK. We know of four for certain: A.N. Roy and his wife, Angeli; Gora Laha and Tutu Bose; Sourajit Palchoudhri and his youngest daughter, Snigdha. All were able to spend an enjoyable time with their Old Paulite friends and peers. There may have been others of course. We can only record those that we know of, so keep sending in your news and your pictures!

Tutu Bose and Gora Laha came over specifically to savour the delights of the London Olympics (not to mention the OPA(E) AGM and Annual Lunch). They managed to see some Olympic Hockey, Boxing, Table Tennis and Football at Wembley . Gora even eventually managed to get into the main Olympic Stadium to watch some athletics! Before that they visited Ireland where they were also able to spend a couple of days with David and Sally Gibbs. Tutu and Ken Pearce popped over to Dairsie, hard on the heels of A.N. and Angeli, to re-visit May Ray.

Sourajit Palchoudhri and Snigdha arrived in the UK after the Olympics. It was Snigdha’s first visit. She confessed to having a ball, touring England and Wales extensively, popping across the border for a brief taste of Scotland and Edinburgh before jetting over to Ireland to spend a few days with David and Sally Gibbs.

OPA (NI) photos

Recent pictures sent by Rana Dasgupta (Hs '84.)